1. I did the cover of Piano Chat first album, “Lands”, released today on Kythibong records.





  3. palefroi:

    Preview pics of “L’Espace Poisson”. A book by Marion Jdanoff based on  a text by Julie Redon.


  4. 'Fantôme' collective - exhibition in Lorient (Itinéraires graphiques)

    with  Marie-Claire Corbel, Boris Jakobek, Thibault Le Guillou, Damien Tran, Mehdi Beneitez, Sarah Arnal et Bill Noir.


  5. Accident Domestique III

    gouache in black paper

    around 1,20 x 1,50 m


  6. Humboldthain

    Silkscreen 35x50 cm.


  7. palefroi:

    La clef II
    Art print by Marion Jdanoff


  8. palefroi:

    La clef III
    Art print by Marion Jdanoff


  9. palefroi:

    La clef I
    Art print by Marion Jdanoff


  10. "La Fête jusqu’à la Mort" Series

    Silkscreen 50 x 70 cm.

    Available here.